Bill Gates recently shared some amazing predictions about the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the habits and behaviors of Internet users. Invited to speak at a conference on AI organized in San Francisco (United States), the multibillionaire estimated that algorithms would eventually allow the arrival of personal assistants of a new generation, reports the site Les Echos.

Algorithms to understand users

According to the businessman, these AI-based devices could one day make obsolete sites and search engines, but also e-commerce platforms, including the best known. "You'll never go to Amazon again," Gates said. The latter provides that future personal assistants will be able to understand the needs of their users on their own.

These advanced systems should also be able to perform more and more varied tasks in place of humans, profoundly disrupting current digital tools in the process, analyzed Bill Gates. The co-founder of Microsoft said he hoped that the American giant would be among the major participants in this revolution. However, he said he estimated a 50% chance that a start-up would emerge as a winner in the innovation race in this area.

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