The arrival of ChatGPT has brought back to the forefront the question of a strong or general AI, endowed with a quasi-human intelligence. If we are not there at all, however, AI could transform society in depth. According to a Goldman Sachs study published in March 2023, 300 million jobs worldwide could disappear in the coming years. According to the investment bank, in the United States and Europe, two-thirds of professions will be "exposed to some degree of automation by AI". Enough to create a good dose of anxiety in the population.

But it's not just the job market that's worrisome. Giving decision-making power to an AI, criticized for its algorithmic biases, is dangerous. ChatGPT has a strong power to generate unverified statements, which can be false information, and to create machines that will use them to recreate other false information. The excesses of a society that humanizes AI are numerous. And we are far from having seen everything.

Are you worried about the new generation of so-called generative AI? How do you see the world of tomorrow? Tell us.

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