Alpine and Lotus have always shared the same philosophy of small sports cars, focusing more on lightness and agility than on the race for power. The association of the two brands to share the burden of developing a new electric flagship model (the replacement of the A110 for Alpine) made sense. In the end, this will not be the case.

Without explanation

The Dieppe brand has just announced in a press release that the partnership with Lotus was ending, at least on this project. But we do not know why, and especially if Alpine prefers to continue to develop its "electric A110" alone, or if the development of such a car is simply stopped.

In the absence of information, we get into the guesswork game. Did Alpine (therefore, Renault) prefer not to leave too much hand to Lotus, which belongs to the Chinese group Geely? Or is the sports brand questioning its 100% electric transition, since Europe finally left the door open to synthetic fuels after 2035? Could it be that Alpine imagines a future "à la Porsche", with a range mixing an emblematic thermal model, and other electric models? We hope to have answers soon.

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