The success of the Citroën AMI is a surprise for everyone, including Citroën. The manufacturer had apparently not anticipated that in addition to an adult clientele, its electric microcar, which can be driven from 16 years old, would be the darling of young people whose parents have the means to offer them rather than a scooter. That is true at home, and it is true elsewhere. Including in Monaco. But a father of the principality had to judge that at not even 9,000 euros, the Citroën was not expensive enough for his son. Solution? Ask a Milanese coachbuilder to dress her.

The father sent the AMI to Castagna, a coachbuilder who carries out incredible (and very exclusive) transformations of Fiat 500 or Mini. And here's how the little French girl came back from her stay in Italy. While Citroën only offers it in blue (or khaki for the AMI Buggy), Castagna dressed the car in matte black, adorned with glossy black inserts. Of course, rims are no longer basic.

Castagna jumps on the opportunity

Inside, there is a thick carpet, and just about all surfaces are upholstered in leather and Alcantara. Finally, the symbolic cushions of the seats of the normal AMI are replaced by real cushions with comfortable padding.

FYI, this unique car ordered by a wealthy customer has obviously opened a market for Castagna, which would now market the various elements described here, for prices ranging from 600 to "several thousand" euros.

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