Notice to the "anti" who see electric cars as "mixers on wheels": do not read the following, you will come out disgusted. Two independent organizations went to Germany to measure a series of Rimac Nevera performances, and they did not come for nothing. By the way, as a reminder, Rimac is a Croatian brand that produces an electric hypercar of exactly 1,914 hp, and whose fate is linked since last year to that of the... by Bugatti.

Less than thirty seconds

The next game is to guess what feat the Rimac Nevera achieved in exactly 29.93 seconds. It is obviously not the 0-100 km/h, executed in 1.81 seconds (and over a distance of 29 meters !!!). It is also not the 0-200 km/h, nor the 0-300 km/h, respectively completed in 4.42 and 9.22 seconds. The 0-400 km/h, perhaps? We heat up, but we are still only at 21.1 seconds. And what do we do after that? Let's brake, of course! 29.93 seconds is what it takes for the Nevera to achieve the 0-400-0 km/h. In the same vein, the 0-100-0 km/h takes less than four seconds. This is also a record. We imagine that the pilot's body took a good package of G, and that he had a little pain in the neck at the end of the day.

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