Meta is reportedly working on a new app to compete with Twitter. According to information from Bloomberg, the newcomer in the world of social networks could even be launched this summer, report Les Echos this Sunday.

With this application still mysterious, Mark Zuckerberg's group would have under its banner no less than four services intended for the general public. However, this would be only the second application created internally. Instagram and WhatsApp have indeed been bought by Meta and only Facebook is a pure invention of the group.

A change of image

The new application is part of Meta's desire to change its image and diversify its offer towards news and politics, while its current platforms focus on social links and lifestyle, analyze Les Echos. According to Bloomberg, Instagram would work with influencers and creators to set up this application. None of them, however, have yet had access to the entire platform.

The American giant is certainly looking to surf on the decline in popularity of Twitter. Since its acquisition by Elon Musk in the fall of 2022, the social network has changed a lot and made many disappointed among users. Many brands and advertisers are now afraid to appear on the platform, where freedom of expression has taken on the appearance of hate speech.

To appease its audience, Twitter recently announced the appointment of a new CEO. But Elon Musk's whimsical decisions that have already changed the social network could continue to push users to look for another platform to express themselves. An opportunity that Meta wants to seize, like Reddit or Mastodon who also want to recover disappointed Internet users.

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