In general, we can say that Honda is in good shape when we are entitled to one novelty per year in Europe. But now, they hit even harder! Here are three new models that will not wait until next year to show themselves on the roads, two of which will even arrive in September.

New CR-V

To any lord, any honor, the CR-V family SUV arrives in a whole new generation. Although still recognizable, it nevertheless displays a considerably modernized look. It will still be offered in hybrid version, but now with the excellent (and very original) system inaugurated by the new Civic. On this basis, Honda has also developed a new plug-in hybrid system, which announces an electric range of 84 km. In both cases, the combined power is 184 hp. Bad news: despite an increased length of 10 cm compared to the current generation (4.7 m now), the CR-V loses its 7-seater option.


The increase of the CR-V leaving a little space between it and the compact HR-V, Honda will "plug the hole" with a new crossover with the air of a coupe, the ZR-V, 4.57m long. It gets the same hybrid mechanics as the Civic and the new CR-V. Honda promises driving sensations close to those of a sedan (randomly: the Civic?), in keeping with the dynamic look of the model. The official figures are 5.7 l/100 km and 130 g CO2/km, but we know from experience that this mechanism is capable of much better than that when you know how to do it.


In the series "name to sleep outside", Honda is strong with this one, that we do not know how to pronounce. Given the obvious resemblance, let's call it the electric HR-V. Although very similar visually, it is indeed based on a totally different platform, only electric. In figures, this gives an engine of 204 hp and 310 Nm, a battery of 68.8 kWh announcing 418 km WLTP, and a fast charging power up to 78 kW. This is not much by current standards, but we can see that between Honda, Toyota and Mazda, Japanese manufacturers, rather than embarking on the frantic race that characterizes the development of electric, rely on rational and really sensible choices in terms of energy. We would not be surprised if, in the long run, the future proved them right.

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