Last March, on the occasion of the publication of the annual results, there was reason to worry about the future of the Spanish manufacturer Seat within the VW group. Virtually no project in sight, let alone an electric model, everything looks like a siding. In an interview recently published by Autocar, an inside (and anonymous) source confirms that in the German group, discussions are going well.


Without it being said that a decision has been taken, the question of automotive activity for Seat arises with more and more insistence. In fact, the brand has never really found its place in the VW group, between Skoda whose "affordable" image is firmly established, and the young Cupra which, in a few years, has succeeded where Seat has always failed: to create a sporty and dynamic image. So, what future? The current idea would be to simply stop the automobile, and transform Seat into an "urban mobility provider".

The brand would market electric scooters, bicycles, and possibly microcars. We remember the Minimo concept presented in 2019, a kind of potential rival to the Renault Twizy. Seat had quickly abandoned the idea. But today, the success of the Citroën AMI has proven that there is a market. The project could come out of the drawers. But for the Ibiza and other Leon, it feels more and more the end of the road.

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