Old cars have charm and are loved by many. Citroën now combines old and new in collaboration with the Italian coachbuilder Caselani and revives the venerable 2CV Fourgonnette based on the Berlingo panel van. This commercial vehicle, also known as the box duck in Germany, was built almost 1951.1978 million times between 1 and 25, and you can still see it in the countryside in France from time to time.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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In order to make the Berlingo look like an old duck, the radiator grille, bonnet, bumpers and fenders are removed at the front and replaced with new fibreglass components. By the way, the round headlights come from the Jeep Wrangler, the Stellantis Group makes it possible. The "corrugated iron look" on the sides is just a show, that's glued on. The rear is also made old with glued panels, the taillights are of course round and extra large.

The hubcaps are original, they are still produced today, the replica does not look 1:1 like its predecessor, but that was not the intention either. "The original 2CV Fourgonnette should not be interpreted too literally, but the result should carry the DNA of Citroën," says Citroën design chief Pierre Leclercq.

So far, Citroën is only planning a small series of 200 units, but it will probably be sold out quickly. The conversion alone costs just under 20,000 euros, plus the Berlingo, of course. Both diesel and petrol models can be transformed, and the electric Berlingo is also available as a Fourgonnette. Ten classic colors are on offer. You can order from the German dealer or from Caselani in Italy. In addition, used Berlingo can be converted.

The cheapest new Fourgonnette costs just under 65,000 euros as a gasoline engine. But then you drive the commercial vehicle with a loading area. As a five-seater, there is only the 1.5-liter diesel or the purely electric variant.