Launched in 1976, the R5 Alpine was a muscular version of the Renault R5. In 2023, while Renault is preparing to relaunch the all-electric R5, Alpine is back in business. The A290 will be the sporty R5. Behind this name lies an explanation: the number "2" corresponds to the B segment, that of city cars, and the number "90" to the future "lifestyle" range. Understand that the "10" of the A110, for example, will continue to exist to baptize the sportiest models.

What will remain, or not

This A290_β (beta) prefigures the definitive A290. And we already know that it will take up the impressive light signature in "X". The truly atypical wheels are also close to the production version, as is the braking system, which at the front is similar to the Brembo system of the Alpine A110. On the other hand, the windshield that overflows widely on the hood, to accentuate the connection between the exterior and the interior, will be abandoned on the road version. Just like the impressive interior featuring the central driving position, as in F1. Too bad, because despite a very complicated access on board, we like the idea of two staggered seats on either side that allow passengers to admire the pilot in action.

Speaking of action, this Alpine will be powered by the front wheels with a power that, according to rumors, would be around 220 horsepower, compared to 130 for the R5. Technical details will be revealed later, and the launch is scheduled for 2024.

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