Elon Musk warned on Monday that Twitter users could see their number of followers decrease soon. The owner of the social network has indeed made the decision to deactivate unused accounts. "We are eliminating accounts that have not been active at all for years," the multibillionaire said in a tweet.

"We're working hard to make your feed as interesting as possible," Musk said on the social network the day before. The entrepreneur intends to boost the platform and has implemented many changes in the operation of Twitter since its acquisition last October for $ 44 billion, or about 40 billion euros.

A trust deficit

Despite the new paid subscription formula Twitter Blue, the company has recorded significant revenue losses, many experts have estimated. Twitter's revenue in 2023 is expected to fall by 28%, analysts at research firm Insider Intelligence said. In question, according to these experts, the lack of confidence of advertisers in Elon Musk.

The latter said in an interview that Twitter was "about breaking even". Elon Musk has also recently expressed his desire to "maximize the time of use without regrets" of the platform. The businessman, however, did not specify how he intended to measure this element.

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