The race for conversational AI continues. While Google presented in February 2023 Bard, its technology to compete with ChatGPT, the Californian giant also wants to compete more directly with Microsoft, which has integrated ChatGPT into the Bing search engine. Functions related to artificial intelligence should soon be integrated into Google's search engine this year, according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) relayed by Phonandroid. This AI program, Magi, is expected to be revealed at the Google I/O conference on May 10.

The WSJ would have obtained different information on the strategy that Google wants to adopt here. The arrival of AI could thus completely transform the way the search engine presents its various results. Beyond the traditional links, search results could soon also display conversations with AI, short videos or publications on social networks. This strategy, called "10 blue links", also aims to answer any query in the first 10 search results.

Adapting Google to TikTok

These transformations aim to adapt Google to the taste of new users, who are increasingly accustomed to consuming short videos including TikTok and other similar applications. To compete with this content, Google wants to make its searches more effective, but also to make them more visual and warmer. Here, conversational AIs could allow users to ask follow-up questions in order to enrich search results, as is already the case with Bing Chat.

For now, no date for the implementation of these features has been specified, but, according to the WSJ, Google could integrate some as early as 2023. At the same time, the company should offer more tools to site owners and content creators to better protect their intellectual property rights. In addition, AI is already being integrated into Google's other services, such as Google Message, Maps, Docs or Gmail.

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