Škoda is undoubtedly one of the great success stories after the fall of the Iron Curtain. With the help of the new parent company Volkswagen, the traditional car manufacturer blossomed back to its former strength. The main plant in Mladá Boleslav employs 28,000 people, which is larger than the state of Monaco. Models such as the Octavia or the all-electric Enyaq roll off the assembly line.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the "Technology and Engine" department.

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Last year, Škoda sold an impressive 53,700 units of the Enyaq, and the compact SUV was the number one electric car in the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and the Czech Republic as well as in Slovakia. To boost sales even further, a new base model can now be ordered, which offers a range of around 148 kilometers as a pure rear-wheel drive vehicle with 55 hp and a 350 kWh battery. The price is 39,990 euros.

But the Enyaq iV 50 will not remain the basic electric model. Four new electric Škoda models will be launched by 2026, all closely related to the VW ID models. First, the 4.50-meter SUV Elroq will debut, then a basic car in the 4.20-meter format for 25,000 euros, and in 2026 an electric station wagon and a large SUV will follow. While the Elroq is being built at the main plant, the ID-2 twin is to be produced in Spain, with the factory location for the two large models still open. Škoda is already showing the shapes of the quartet with 1:1 models made of plastic.

Despite the electric offensive, they want to stick to combustion engines at least until 2035, and plug-in hybrids are in preparation for the big Škoda from the old days, the Superb and the Kodiaq. But Škoda not only announced new cars last week, it has also given itself a new brand identity, the logo is revised, slimmer, only with an implied Hatschek on the S. The new lettering will be applied to the cars from autumn. There is also a new steering wheel and other small design changes. And the 1100 service and sales partners in Germany have to adapt to the new brand identity, but that has time until 2024. Finally, the clever Czechs have given themselves a pretty sound logo, which will conclude every Škoda advertising film on radio, television and the Internet in the future.