Mansory. A name that does not say much to the commons of mortals, probably – precisely – because they are part of the commons of mortals. Founded in 1989 and headquartered in Germany, Mansory is the most exclusive tuning company. When you are very rich, when you find that a Bugatti is not exclusive enough or ostentatious enough, and you have a very special sense of good taste, you take your car to Mansory. And the company will be happy to double the price of the car just in transformations, even if we are talking about a Chiron at 3 million euros.

Loss of warranty

We are therefore talking about the summit of automotive bling, which does not necessarily please manufacturers. We know, for example, that Rolls-Royce customers are warned: if they take one of their models to Mansory, the warranty is void. Today, we wonder how the people of Ferrari felt when they discovered this on the net. This is the F8XX Spider Tempesta Turchese, which means "turquoise storm". A name that could not be more first degree, as you can judge. Although the countless carbon appendages are part of the "basic kit" created for the Ferrari F8 Spider, Mansory says that this Turkish livery will remain a unique example. We want to say "Thank God".

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