Surprise at the opening of an old container forgotten somewhere in China: it contained three brand new Tesla Roadsters! Everything indicates that they stayed there for more than 10 years. It is a basic version 248 hp, and two sports versions of 288 hp. They were apparently ordered by a Chinese customer, "packed" in their large iron box, and then crossed the Pacific. But for some reason, they never left the port of destination. These cars are now offered for auction on the website of Gruber Motor Company, which is the best-known independent Tesla repairer in the USA.

In what condition?

The good news is that cars couldn't have dreamed of a better shelter to sleep 10 years on. A container has preserved them from moisture, weather, light, vandalism, and any critter that tends to make a nest in an abandoned car. Second good news, an electric car is by definition less sensitive to prolonged sleep than a thermal car. But here's the bad news. Anyone who has tried to plug a battery-powered device back in after 10 years knows: there are no signs of life to look forward to. But changing the battery of an electric car is the most expensive. Nevertheless, the auction is today (May 5, 2023) at $ 225,000 for the lot. Interested? Click here.

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