What does Apple think about generative artificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT? During the presentation this Thursday of the financial results of the firm, Tim Cook evoked a "potential [very] interesting" about these technologies, reports Numerama.

The CEO took the opportunity to praise the "tremendous progress" of the Apple brand in AI and machine learning, citing as an example the health sensors of the Apple Watch. Cook added that he and his teams will continue to integrate these new tools into their products "in a very thoughtful way."

Tim Cook says AI is 'huge,' but flags the need to be 'deliberate and thoughtful' on how to deploy it https://t.co/r7lPj6ThvT

— Insider Business (@BusinessInsider) May 5, 2023

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Net income of $24.2 billion

Could Apple launch software to compete with ChatGPT? Nothing is less certain. "It is very important to take a deliberate and thoughtful approach in this area," insisted the CEO of Apple, while refusing to "comment on future products" of the brand.

Many Internet users are wondering about Apple's ability to get up to speed in the field of AI. Tim Cook has made the bet to keep secret on the research done internally, even if it means fueling doubts. Nevertheless, his business continues to flourish. Despite a complicated economic context, Apple achieved revenue of $ 94.8 billion in the second quarter of 2023, for a net profit of $ 24.2 billion.

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