Launched by an American engineer in March 2023, YouTube Chat is already a great success. According to Numerama, this tool makes it possible to obtain the summary of a YouTube video, to ask questions about the subject addressed and even to virtually question its author, even deceased, thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

The user only has to fill in the URL of the video on the dedicated website. The content captions are then automatically downloaded and transmitted as the primary source to a chatbot, allowing the AI to understand the lyrics and overall context of the video.

Introducing: ChatYouTube 🚀

Chat with any YouTube video by entering its URL! 🗣️

Powered by ChatGPT and @OpenAI embeddings ⚡️

— Justin Liang (@justinliang1020) March 9, 2023

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A conversation with Steve Jobs

The user then has several options, such as asking the AI to impersonate the author of the video in order to question him. Numerama has thus succeeded, by taking up a speech by Steve Jobs, to be coached by the famous entrepreneur. Journalists asked the chatbot for tips for success in life and got some very relevant — and fictitious — answers from Apple's founder.

The longer the video, the more complete and relevant the answers formulated by the AI will be. According to Numerama, YouTube Chat relies on GPT-3 to generate these responses but also on, a JavaScript library using AI. The chatbot is thus a very useful tool to save time while making watching videos more interactive than before.

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