The Chariot of the bride, found in 2019 in the portico of the villa of Civita Giuliana, a town north of the ancient city of Pompeii, is the incredible work restored and rebuilt in its missing parts that will be accessible in Rome as part of the exhibition "The instant and eternity. Tra noi e gli antichi", scheduled from 4 May to 30 July 2023, at the National Roman Museum.

"An extraordinary work that recovers a unique artifact in the world" underlines the general director of the Mic Museums, Massimo Osanna.

The Minister of Culture Sangiuliano applauds: "It is an authentic pearl that demonstrates even more, if necessary, the uniqueness of our heritage". And he emphasizes: "The restoration and exhibition not only represent the return of an exceptional find to citizens and scholars, but also the crowning achievement of an effort that, in this case, saw the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Torre Annunziata and the Carabinieri of the Tpc work together". All this, concludes the minister, "pushes us to work with ever greater commitment, aware of the value of our heritage, a legacy of a great past but also an opportunity for civil and socio-economic growth for the future".

The suburban villa of Civita Giuliana, already partly identified and investigated at the beginning of the '900, in 2019 returned to attention for the clandestine excavations conducted by grave robbers, for this reason an unprecedented excavation activity began for its genesis and for its extraordinary discoveries. It was during these excavations that the ceremonial chariot with its luxurious bronze coating and silver decorations came to light, in excellent condition.