Users of smartphones running Android are called to the utmost vigilance since a new malware called Damm circulates. Revealed by cybersecurity company CloudSEK, it would infiltrate devices when downloading new apps. The risks it poses would be particularly important, reports Phonandroid.

The devices would be infected with APK files or during the installation of the Psiphon, Boulders and Currency Pro apps. The danger lies mainly in the fact that the software would be able to avoid detection by antivirus devices, thus making it more difficult to eliminate. Daam would be able to perform several illegal actions such as recording phone calls or VoIP calls but also stealing contacts, files on the device and information about new contacts.

Encryption and code changes

This data would then be sent back to a control server controlled by the hackers. But that's not all. Through an AES algorithm, the malware can encrypt all files on the phone without permission from its owner. It could even change the password, see the pin code, thus rendering the terminal totally unusable using ransomware.

There are precautions to be taken to avoid inadvertently downloading such software. It is better to choose only apps that are offered in the official Android stores. And even on these, it is recommended to read the comments and evaluation of the app. Still, some malware still manages to slip through the cracks. Google recently removed 36 infected apps from its Play Store.

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