• The razor/clipper market is teeming with products that are often difficult to compare with each other.
  • With its new BT9, Braun boasts a mower that would offer "professional precision".
  • Sold for 120 euros, the device tested by 20 Minutes is a good equipment, but that we would like to want to evolve further.

You like your beard to be perfectly trimmed, stylized, "contoured". That not a hair protrudes? Braun and its BT9 puts forward arguments to seduce you by evoking for this new clipper "a professional shaving precision" at home. 20 Minutes wanted to see if it was possible to play barber as in real life.

In the jungle of lawnmowers...

Generally, buying a beard trimmer in store is a headache. Brands and products are pouring in, with more or less accessories, clogs, combs. There are devices that shave, others that shave and cut hair, some even claiming to be able to clear the "sensitive areas" of their unsightly hair... And the prices are yo-yoing: from a few tens of euros to several hundred euros. Don't throw it away!

Thin blades

Among the arguments of the BT9 (a compact and lightweight mower weighing 157 grams, supplied with protective shell), a homemade technology called ProBlade. ProBlade? Its principle is based on the fact that the tips of the three steel shoes supplied (with widths of 4.2 mm, 3.5 mm and 1.3 mm) would be flat. On arrival, Braun promises, "24% more accuracy". It is impossible, of course, to verify these statements.

However, we were able to see during our tests, spread over a week, that it was very easy to perfectly target a specific area of the face, with a good cutting angle. These blades especially have the advantage of not stretching the hair. Admittedly, the ones we used were new...

Up to forty cutting heights

Another advanced asset for the BT9, its rotary knob on the handle. Named ProWheel, it allows you to modulate up to forty cutting heights in 5 mm increments. According to the different combs provided (six, including four to make gradients), this trimmer can be suitable for most bearded people who, from a simple three-day beard to a Viking beard, should find the settings that suit them best. Still, this famous notched wheel is not really innovative: many mowers offer similar ones.

Finally, and this is more original, Braun supplied with its BT9, a transparent stencil. Vocation: to allow a perfectly symmetrical size, to take care of the contours, the borders ... Not always easy to use alone, as we have seen, this equipment allows, however, if it is well used, to perfectly succeed in what is called "contouring" and to adjust, to the millimeter, the cut of his beard on each half of the face by taking care of the lines.

Towards a universal charger?

Two regrets though: like most razor and clipper manufacturers, Braun provides with its BT9 a proprietary charger. At a time when Europe is going to impose a single USB-C charger, it would be nice if Braun, Remington, Philips ... are looking at this issue. It would also be wise to imagine a more virtuous model around accessories. Supplied en masse in each box (the BT9 is no exception), they are not always used. With its Multishape razor, Panasonic has imagined an interesting model: that of a handle on which will have just grafted accessories that can be purchased as an option, according to its real needs. We put that there...

In the meantime, the Braun BT9 mower remains a good equipment, which enjoys a very long autonomy (180 minutes), but whose price is quite high in this category of products: 120 euros. As for the "professional" aspect of the device, it remains quite limited, also echoing a well-thought-out marketing so that the BT9 mower stands out from its countless competitors on the shelves. And can justify its price.

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