Its name: BYD Seagull (gull or gull, in French). This model joins the "Ocean" series which already includes the new Seal (seal) and Dolphin (should we translate?), which will be marketed here in a few months.

400 km range

This small city car less than 4 meters long promises up to 400 km of autonomy. It must be said that since its birth in 1995, BYD (for "Build Your Dreams", in French) has specialized in battery design. The Chinese brand therefore masters its subject, and this is what worries European manufacturers. Especially since in China, it is displayed for an equivalent of... 10.500 € ! Recall that in France, the cheapest electric on the market, the Dacia Spring (made in China, hold on...), is displayed at 20,800 €. So, will the Seagull, "designed for a large market" as BYD says in its press release, arrive here? And if so, at what cost? We'll keep you posted!

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  • Electric car
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