To avoid the multiplication of fake profiles, the dating application Tinder has implemented a new security to verify the identity of its members. The traditional selfie that was requested during an account creation has been replaced by a video of a few seconds, says Tinder, in a statement released on Wednesday. The single person must, for a few moments, film himself from different angles.

It is then up to the application to check that the video corresponds to the different photos presented on the profile by the user. This method should allow Tinder to strengthen the security of its application and avoid potential scams via fake profiles that could discourage members looking for their soul mate or a less serious relationship.

Other security parameters derive from this

The dating app doesn't stop there in strengthening its security. Thanks to this innovation, it can now offer its users to be able to request their "match" to verify their profile. Thus, no risk of talking to a non-existent person or being fooled by a malicious acquaintance.

It is also possible to configure the application so that only verified profiles can appear in proposals. According to Tinder, unfortunately, only 40% of users use a verified account, which greatly reduces the likelihood of encountering one's crush of a night or a lifetime.

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