With a design recognizable at first glance, the Cupra brand tries to be ahead of its time. Or at least, to live in his time which, sometimes, can surpass us. Indeed, the brand has created its own virtual universe for the metaverse: at Cupra, it's called Metahype. What for? In summary, so that your virtual alter ego can live new experiences in a virtual world...

Cupra DarkRebel customizable

For example, in the Metahype, you can admire the new Cupra DarkRebel. For now, this car only exists in virtual format. With its athletic proportions, long hood, two doors and shooting brake shape, it foreshadows the Cupra of the future. And if you join the Cupra "tribe" in the Metahype, you can even configure this DarkRebel in 3 different universes thanks to the "Hyper Configurator"! As soon as you have finalized your DarkRebel, you can share it in video (as below). A whole program that will surely appeal to the most advanced geeks ...

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