The Czech brand announced yesterday in a press release that it was now in charge of the development of all petrol engines of the VW Group. Skoda engineers will therefore continue to work on the MPI (without turbo) and TSI (turbo) petrol engines. On the other hand, not a word about TDI diesels. This shows that we all tend to read the news a little diagonally.


Because when we learned a few months ago that VW had decided to no longer invest in the development of new combustion engines, it was quickly confused the brand and the group. Especially in the context of a ban on thermal (now aborted) on the part of Europe. But the car market is much more than Europe. And it is ultimately so logical that a group of global scale does not shoot itself in the foot by totally turning its back on gasoline. Yes, VW stops the development of these engines, but another brand of the group takes up the torch. In Skoda's press release, brand new engines are even mentioned. In other words, if the electric sauce does not take as well as some hope, and if, as one can imagine, technological breakthroughs make it possible to produce synthetic fuels at reasonable prices, the VW Group will be ready to react. Like most other groups, for that matter.

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