In almost 46 years of car life you have already seen and experienced a lot. The oncoming Trabi, which lost the left front wheel on the GDR motorway and almost crashed into our east-west car Nissan Cherry, the brave and rather fast galloping horse on the Sicilian motorway, the repair of the broken water pump on the Belgian motorway (thank you, brother-in-law!), the crazy Englishmen who drove face-to-face with their Defenders at a Land Rover meeting and then measured, Who is stronger. Automotive arm wrestling, so to speak. The bumpers held, in the end there was a draw.

Also in close contact were two motorists, who recently drove remarkably slowly in the right lane on a feeder road in the morning rush hour in Frankfurt. We were amazed: A five-seater BMW pushed a somewhat aged Mercedes-Benz coupé in front of it. At least they had the hazard lights on according to the regulations. There are some rules for proper towing: On the highway only until the next exit, driving is prohibited. Always drive only to the nearest workshop, electric cars can not be towed, automatic vehicles only short distances. It is better to use a pole, because with a rope – it must not be longer than five meters – the interaction between tugboat and towed person is a bit tricky. Always make sure that the rope is tensioned. If the engine of the second car is not running, the braking power is greatly reduced. For this reason alone, it is better to use a pole. This only has the disadvantages that it is more expensive, bulkier and heavier.