The big brother of the EV6 is approaching, and its official presentation is announced for March 28. Almost 5 meters long, it can accommodate up to seven occupants in three rows of seats. The Mercedes EQB and EQS SUV will therefore no longer be the only seven-seater electric SUVs available on the market. The first photos reveal a rather massive and square look, with a rear face that strongly recalls the Volvo design.

Swivel seats

Kia does not reveal any information on the on-board mechanics or autonomy, but reveals an original modularity of the cabin. The EV9 has swivel seats in the second row to allow passengers to interact with those in the third row. As for the occupants installed at the very back, they will benefit from cup holders and charging sockets for mobile devices, just to make the trip even more enjoyable. As for the technical specifications, they will be published in a few weeks.

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