A strategic partnership where the Italian group plays a fundamental role as a player, an alliance for the "fighter of the future" that will fly in geopolitical scenarios where collaboration is increasingly decisive in defense and security policy. Leonardo signs the agreement with Great Britain and Japan as part of the "Global Combat Air Program", the sixth generation fighter aircraft. The initials of "Leonardo and Elettronica" for Italy, "Leonardo Uk" for the United Kingdom and "Mitsubishi Electric" (representing Japan). At the Dsei Japan show, the agreement for collaboration between international industrial partners in advanced electronics starts.


Leonardo's Rome office

The teams will work together to shape the ISANKE & ICS domain, the advanced electronics on board the GCAP platform, which will provide the aircraft crew with an advanced level of information superiority and self-protection capabilities. This is a first step in a partnership aimed at strengthening relationships and evaluating "appropriate operating models, in view of the next phase of the GCAP (Global Combat Air Program)".


Eurofighter Typhoon

In Japan, Mitsubishi Electric has already taken part in the development of advanced electronics as part of the national F-X project. In Italy, Leonardo and Elettronica have been involved in the maturation of future multi-domain technologies for air combat, such as sensors, communications and data fusion within the Italian Defence Technology Initiative.
Finally, Leonardo UK is one of the founders of the national project "Tempest", born in 2018 to develop technologies for sixth-generation air combat.

The partners "aim to build a permanent collaboration platform", "national requirements for industrial capabilities and the principles of shared intellectual property will be considered in the spirit of a fully integrated tri-national programme.

At Leonardo, as a partner in the Eurofighter Typhoon programme, both the Italian and UK teams are already working on the electronically scanned array radar for the aircraft as part of the Euro RADAR consortium. In addition, Leonardo and Elettronica are already collaborating to provide the Typhoon defence sub-system as a design authority in the EuroDASS consortium. These collaborations have created capabilities essential to the Eurofighter Typhoon throughout the duration of the programme and "will continue to do so for years to come". While Leonardo UK and Mitsubishi Electric, have been working together since 2018 on the Anglo-Japanese project.

What is the "Global Combact Air Program". Integrated into the five domains air, land, sea, space and cyber, the GCAP's core platform will quickly handle a large amount of data, according to the companies, "providing the crew with the information superiority they will need to succeed in the most complex operational contexts, as well as providing valuable information to other operators."