The world in 2023. The end of the combustion engine has begun, Europe wants to lead the way. Ferrari is fighting back with a brand new car.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the "Technology and Motor" department.

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The key data of the Purosangue: V12 cylinder, 6.5 liter displacement, no turbo, no electric auxiliary engine, nevertheless 725 hp and a maximum torque of 718 Newton meters, 80 percent of which are already at 2100 rpm. From 0 to 100 it goes in 3.3 seconds, in 10.6 seconds to 200, top a good 310 km / h.

It's all like you'd expect from a Ferrari. By the way, also the price: 380,000 euros. But in front of you is a kind of SUV, 4.97 meters long, flat, but higher than any other vehicle of the brand. In addition, it has four doors, and the rear ones open in opposite directions, very unusual. This is intended to make it easier to get in, which is true, and there is plenty of space in the rear, at least much more than in the well-known 2+2-seaters from Maranello. At the rear, however, there are only two individual seats, five seats are not possible because the eight-speed dual-clutch transmission sits on the rear axle (transaxle design) and takes up space. It ensures a balanced weight distribution of 49 to 51.

"A car of its own"

All four wheels are driven, the rear ones are also steered, at higher speed with up to one degree, when manoeuvring they move with up to three degrees and also counter-rotating. This makes it easier to park, whereby the Purosangue, the bulky name means "thoroughbred", is not excessively large with a length of almost five meters. But it weighs almost 2.2 tons despite a lot of aluminum for the bonnet, tailgate and also for the space frame. The trunk volume is just under 473 liters.

Ferrari avoids the abbreviation SUV like the devil avoids holy water, even the terms crossover or SAV, Sport Activity Vehicle, they do not like to hear. It is simply a car of its own kind and by no means an "off-road car", even if among the many assistance systems – everything that is common today is a downhill control. He should make his all-wheel drive talents available above all on snow and ice. Like all Ferraris, the Purosangue has the Manettino at the wheel with five adjustment options for engine, transmission and suspension: ice, wet, comfort, sport and for the really ambitious drivers "ESC Off". In addition, each position can be adjusted by pressing "Soft" or "Medium", and there is also "Hard" for the two sports positions.

So there is a lot to play, just driving in "comfort" is of course also possible. The gearbox shifts hardly noticeably, it offers an unusual for Ferrari driving comfort, which changes with "Sport" of course immediately. The front seats are very comfortable, they can heat, ventilate and massage, the rear passengers have to do without massaging. To expand the trunk, they can be folded down electrically. Vegan Alcantara is standard equipment as well as a Burmester audio system with 21 speakers. And also in this Ferrari, the passenger has his own instrument unit.

What does not exist is a navigation system or a towbar. The former can be easily realized by a smartphone, the latter can be replaced to a certain extent by an optional rear carrier system for skis or two bicycles. It's not an SUV, the Purosangue.

In terms of driving, it does the brand all the credit. It offers everything you would expect from a Maranello car: performance, accuracy, sound, grip and excellent braking performance thanks to Brembo ceramic brakes. Finally, the standard consumption should be mentioned somewhat bashfully: 17.3 liters Super. This suggests more than 20 liters in everyday life. Well, the tank holds 100 liters.