The Renaissance deputy of Vienne Sacha Houlié will present this Wednesday a bill before the law commission to facilitate the passage and obtaining of the driving license. The text will then be studied in the National Assembly the week of March 27. The elected official proposes in particular to extend the use of the Personal Training Account (CPF) to all types of permits, explains

The law also provides for the provision of an information platform detailing possible funding. It would also make it possible to grant category B public officials the authorization to become examiners for the driving licence examination. This would reduce the lack of slots. On the side of professionals in the sector, the bill is rather well received.

Nearly 150 financial assistance opportunities

"As we can see, young people do not know what they are entitled to," said Valérie Guillou, Unic's delegated driving school instructor, referring to information on possible funding. However, there are "no less than 12 regional aid schemes, 35 departmental schemes and more than a hundred communal or inter-municipal schemes", details the text carried by Sacha Houlié.

The reserve of professionals, on the other hand, is more marked in the face of the prospect of allowing civil servants to take the driving test to candidates, explains Capital. The players in the sector would like these agents to be first trained in the profession of driving school instructor. As a result, the MP said he was moderately confident that his bill would be passed.

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