The FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) is back this year with 7 rounds in Europe and exciting races lasting up to 24 hours. But beyond the show on the track, this ultra-demanding competition allows the development of high-tech hybrid prototypes powered by 100% organic fuel made with grape residues.

65% less CO2

Competition represents an essential vector of innovation: the extreme constraints of endurance racing (race time and high mileage) are pushing to develop ever more efficient fuels, but which must now also meet the new challenges required by the energy and environmental transition. Since 2022, all cars in the championship have been powered by a 100% renewable fuel: Total's Excellium Racing 100, produced from grape residues mainly recovered from French vineyards. These residues are fermented in ethanol to obtain this biofuel that allows a 65% reduction in CO2 emissions generated by combustion, without impact on car performance.

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