Launched in 1967 on the Commodore, the GSE label stood for Grand Sport Einspritz. Einspritz is "injection" in German. And it is probably for clarity that GSE becomes GSi in the 80s. It's 2023, the era of electrification, so there's no need to explain what the new GSe means.


For GSe models, Opel uses plug-in hybrid mechanics. By becoming GSe, the Astra benefits for the first time from the 225 hp version of this well-known set of the Stellantis group. For its part, the Grandland SUV gains nothing compared to the 300 hp version already available. Well, nothing, not exactly. Because for these sporty versions, we also looked at the chassis. Both models therefore receive Koni adaptive shock absorbers. Incidentally, these new shock absorbers made it possible to recalibrate the steering.

And behind the wheel, this set of little things makes the difference. In the Astra as in the Grandland, we feel very clearly a road behavior more "planted in the ground". It is full of rigor and precision. It makes you want to go through the corners and feel in control. It is rich in a true Germanic sports color. Which means that things may not necessarily be sensational, but there is the formidable efficiency, and that is already gratifying.


If we had to choose, we would take the Astra. OK, it is less powerful, but its performance is already very pleasant, and especially much more homogeneous than the Grandland. Combustion engine, electric motor, braking, suspension (even on bad pavement): everything works in much better harmony in the car than in the SUV. In the latter, there are sometimes hesitations, small waiting times for everything to fall into place during a big acceleration, for example. Note that both models deserve a more responsive auto transmission, at least when you activate the Sport mode. Or better: we would like a real manual mode for this box, thanks to which the paddles on the steering wheel would not be there just for the figuration. But in short, in the end, we have two Opel GSe that reconcile sporty feeling for the moment of fun, and family comfort for the rest of the time. We validate! From €48,250 for the Astra GSe, €59,700 for the Grandland GSe.

The Opel Astra GSe in a few figures

  • Engine: 4 cyl. Turbo, petrol, plug-in hybrid, 1,598 cm3; 225hp; 360Nm.
  • Transmission: to the front wheels.
  • Gearbox: 8-speed auto.
  • W/l/h (mm) : 4.374/1.860/1.442
  • Empty weight (kg) : 1.703
  • Trunk volume (l): 352 – 1.268
  • Tank (l) : 42
  • Battery (kWh) : 12.4
  • Range (km) : 64
  • 0 to 100 kph (sec) : 7.5
  • Maximum speed (km/h) : 235
  • Conso. Mixed (l/100 km): 1.2
  • CO2 (g/km): 25
  • Price (€) : 48.250

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  • Opel
  • Stellantis
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