As the manufacturer had already announced, it is indeed a V12 engine that will be associated with electric motors in Lamborghini's new supercar. The set will develop more than 1,000 hp and will be rechargeable on a terminal. This new model will have nothing to do with the Sian which was a self-charging hybrid.

Traction mode!

The new V12 is the most powerful and lightest ever built by Lamborghini. Displaying only 218 kilos on the scale, it is 17 kilos lighter than that of the Aventador, which does not prevent it from releasing 825 hp. It is paired with an electric motor that drives the rear wheels, while two other electric units take care of the front wheels. This new supercar therefore has all-wheel drive, but can also be transformed into traction at low speed. And that, too, is a revolution!

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