When Russia invaded Ukraine and gas, oil and electricity prices went through the roof, we asked the CEO of a corporation: Will you stop your electric car strategy? On the contrary, he said, policymakers' move away from fossil fuels will accelerate whether the market is ready or not. That's how it happened.

The ban on the new registration of passenger cars with combustion engines, which will apply from 2035, will only be changed by a late crash test with reality. And politicians also know that heat pumps will be the only sensible heating system for Germany's home builders in the future. That is why Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck wants to ban the installation of new oil and gas boilers as early as 2024. Both projects have in common that they bury openness to technology and ignore economic issues under the apparently all-justifying generic term climate protection. The citizens will somehow manage it. Will the citizens manage it somehow?

At its market launch three years ago, there was a VW Golf VIII for just over 20,000 euros. Today, VW takes 31,000 euros for the cheapest Golf. The surcharge laboriously conceals the bitter awakening if someone wants to switch to the electric counterpart, the ID 3. It gives it from 44,000 euros. The installer estimates a gas boiler for a single-family house at 9000,30 euros, the equivalent heat pump at 000,<>. "If I have to say what is most important to me besides peace, then my answer is: freedom." In case Berlin and Brussels don't remember: The quote comes from Willy Brandt.