Launched in 2019, Porsche's Roads app has just integrated a new function entirely dedicated to driving pleasure. In a few clicks, and thanks to artificial intelligence, it is now possible to select a scenic route made of winding country roads, to discover spectacular landscapes and typical villages. With more than 180,000 users around the world (and not just "Porschists"), Roads is a community of drivers who share their favorite routes and get together as a group to organize trips together.

Integrated navigation

The goal of the algorithm is not to find the fastest route between two points, but rather the one that best suits each driver. Whether winding, balanced or dynamic, the route is defined in advance. With built-in navigation, generated routes can be browsed, recorded, evaluated, and shared with the Roads community. In addition, Apple CarPlay transfers the route directly to the infotainment screen of many car models. Only flaw of all this: the application is not offered in the Google Play Store, but only on iPhone.

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