The Corolla belongs to Toyota as the Golf belongs to VW, and although such tradition is no longer carved into the stone of wisdom, the latest facelift is accompanied by a good sense of continuity. From the outside, it is difficult to recognize the fresh cell treatment, radiator grille and fog lights have undergone a slight change, the daytime running lights a modified signature.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Motor".

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Rather, it is worth mentioning what is happening in the powertrain, because Toyota never tires of continuously bringing improvements to the market. After an initial inspection, this is positive because the perceptible and audible rubber band effect of the hybrid drive presents itself more harmoniously than before. Although still no sports comrade has emerged. Toyota relies on calm and relaxed progress.

Lithium-ion battery has more power

Now in its fifth generation, the full hybrid has been completely revised, weight and size have been reduced, so that the flatter battery crouches under the rear seat to save space. The control unit and transmission have been touched, the lithium-ion battery has more power, it is sufficient for electric starting and a few kilometers later. In city traffic, you can cover a surprising number of routes under power with a caressed accelerator.

The gasoline engine is offered with 1.8 or 2 liters of displacement, from which 140 or 196 hp system power grow. The acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h, which is not the focus of the effort, succeeds in 9.2 or 7.5 seconds under friendly mediation of the E-CVT transmission, at 180 km/h the forward thrust ends.

As usual, you sit well at the front and a bit cramped at the back, a 10.5-inch touch screen is standard. At the end of March, the Corolla comes in the trade, at prices from 33,500 euros for the four-door and 34,500 euros for the Touring Sports called station wagon. Toyota indicates, recently a not unimportant information, the delivery time with six months.