It is customary to say that Mazda does nothing like the others. And this is far from exaggerated. A few weeks after relaunching the rotary engine in the role of range extender of its electric MX-30 (it was a world premiere at the Brussels Motor Show), the manufacturer launches an engine even more against the tide of our time: a brand new diesel.

Big engine, mini appetite

And not just any diesel. The kind that even Mercedes or BMW no longer dare to develop. Under the long sleek hood of the CX-60 (already in dealership in plug-in version), there is a... 6 cylinders in line of 3.3 liters of displacement! Delirious? Probably not. Because we know that the trend of downsizing (reducing the size of engines to reduce a little artificially consumption and official emissions) only works in small or medium-sized vehicles. At Mazda, we prefer "rightsizing": the right engine size for a given vehicle. In addition to this, the engineers have also equipped this engine with a host of advanced and unprecedented technical solutions. So much so that in its 200 hp version, with transmission to the rear wheels (also available in 254 hp version, with 4x4 transmission) the CX-60 6-cylinder claims 5.0 l/100 km and 128 gCO2/km according to WLTP standards.

And really?

To move from theory to reality, Mazda invited us to an eco-challenge. The route of some 200 km mixed motorway, national, village crossings and climbs in the mountains of Catalonia. Let's be clear: we didn't drive in the city during rush hour, and our biggest "sacrifice" was driving between 100 and 110 km/h on the highway. No more, no less. Apart from that, we have always respected the flow of traffic, and of course we have adopted a very proactive conduct. That's how we won the challenge, facing crews of journalists from other countries. With what conso? 4.06 l/100 km, scrupulously measured according to a very strict procedure! With a 4.7 m long SUV and a big 6-cylinder, admit that it's crazy. And by the way, it shows even more the absurdity of wanting to push us all towards 100% electric. The Mazda CX-60 e-Skyactiv D starts at €50,350.

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