The chip and parts crisis in the auto industry is not over. As soon as the Seat Ateca FR 2.0 TSI 4Drive was in the editorial fleet for two days, Seat called that the car had been taken out of the program at short notice, but there were still new cars on the market. All right. Seat is thus taking the top model of its successful Ateca series out of the game "until further notice". The compact SUV is on the same basis as the VW T-Roc, with a length of 4.38 meters, a reasonable amount of space for four to five people and an expandable 510-liter trunk, it perfectly meets the basic needs for automotive mobility. And at prices starting at 26,310 euros, a VW Golf is 3000 euros more expensive.

Boris Schmidt

Editor in the "Technology and Motor" department.

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The front-wheel drive petrol engine base model gets at least 110 hp from one liter of displacement and three cylinders. There is one cylinder more in the 1.5 TSI, and there are also two 2.0-liter diesel engines with 115 or 150 hp on offer. Not only is the 2.0 TSI missing in the short term, but a plug-in hybrid and a purely electric variant are generally missing.

A lot of hard plastic dominates

The Ateca has been on the market for almost six years, and it has already undergone its first facelift. Since then, it has always had full-LED lights front and rear, it can also stay in lane, and adaptive cruise control has been introduced. A head-up display still has to be dispensed with. The six years you can feel the Ateca in the interior a little, a lot of hard plastic dominates, the instrument layout is no longer the freshest, although there is a choice between three designs and the navigation map can also be brought into this area. Voice control is also available.

The 2.0 TSI is paired with a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that sends power to all four wheels. The 190 hp and the maximum torque of 320 Newton meters ensure superior driving performance, in seven seconds can be sprinted from zero to 100 km / h, the top speed is 214 km / h.

And the fuel consumption? After more than 2000 kilometers driven, we recorded a 100 average of 9.2 liters Super. This is a moderate 0.8 liters above the standard consumption, but not necessarily little. If that doesn't scare you: After a short internet search, we find a demonstration car for 42,390 euros.