To all those who think this is a joke: It's not one, it's Mazda. As is well known, the slightly querulant Japanese continue to believe in the arts of the Wankel engine, and they dare to introduce new six-cylinder engines where all others only turn out electricians.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Motor".

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The diesel is coming now, the gasoline engine is following, both stimulate reflection. At least ten more years, until EU policy sends the combustion engine in Europe into compulsory retirement, it will play a role, in other regions of the world anyway. Or at least until the use of the electric drive has arrived at eye level in the everyday first vehicle.

Rock-solid workmanship

One such is undoubtedly the CX-60 E Skyactive D, an SUV of stately format that is not afraid to compete with VW Touareg or Mercedes-Benz GLE. Rock-solid workmanship and furnished with fine taste of its own, the Mazda aims at a group that likes and does its own thing.

Without thinking outside the box, no advantage can be gained, in this case, without thinking about the wave. On its surface, the combustion chamber resembles the Silver Star roller coaster of Europapark, and the high-pressure injection shoots the mixture exactly at the elevation, the composition of which is dosed as meager as possible. In combination with a few additional tricks, the technology should be abstinent as never before, which is why Mazda has invited to a consumption drive.

Motorway, country road, uphill, downhill, maximum 130 km/h, do not rush, do not sneak, 200 km distance. Basis: SUV, 3.3 liter six-cylinder diesel, eight-speed automatic, 200 hp, rear-wheel drive, fuel filling with the pipette. The rudtest team burns an average of 7.02 liters, that of the author 5.32 liters, the piggy bank rolls 4.58 liters. The truth is that the solidly working engine with deliberately smoothed torque curve does not feel like a three-liter six-mm boom, this task is incumbent on an even more potent version. But what engineers can do, if they are allowed . . . As I said, something to think about.