Do not look too much for the external changes of the 2023 vintage, they are for the month discreet. On board, it is the screens that ensure the change: 10.5 inches for the center, which controls the updated multimedia; 12.3 inches for driver-facing instrumentation, with a now fully customizable display. It should also be noted that the 4-door body, with anecdotal sales, disappears from our market, leaving the field open to the sedan and especially the estate, whose trunk from 581 to 596 liters seduces 70% of buyers.

More power and pleasure...

If the changes are not visible, it is because they are hiding under the hood. There, the Corolla receives the latest generation (the 5th already) of Toyota hybrid engines. Two displacements are still available, 1.8l (140 hp) and 2.0l (196 hp). Beyond the power gain, it is above all the pleasure that progresses. The revs are better managed than ever, the thrust is very linear. But nothing changes on the road pleasure of the Japanese compact, always comfortable and precise, with that hint of dynamism that characterizes the latest Toyota products. The other strong point of this 5th generation of hybrids is measured on consumption, it is now homologated at 4.4l/100 km. The Corolla 1.8l starts at €27,900, count €2,000 more for the Touring Sports estate version.

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