It was in 2019, Aston Martin presented an ambitious concept called Rapide E, which equipped its 4-door sedan with an electric engine. Planned for mass marketing, the project was finally abandoned in 2020. Since then, Aston Martin has not lost sight of its transition to all-electric, but is looking for partners to accompany it. The brand is historically a partner of Mercedes-AMG, which supplies it with internal combustion engines. It would seem, however, that regarding the electric, the German manufacturer is not the privileged player ...

Aston Martin and Lucid?

Aston is currently in talks with... Lucid. The American brand of electric cars, which intends to compete with Tesla on all points (design, autonomy, charging speed, etc.) would make an ideal partner, especially since it belongs to the Saudi sovereign fund, an investor of choice for Aston Martin. It is still necessary that he agrees to put his hand in the wallet to support a brand with finances that seem fragile. At the same time, the Saudi public investment fund would offer itself a beautiful technological showcase, which would fill a portfolio of very high-end brands. Nothing has been confirmed at this time, and discussions are ongoing.

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