Do you know Mitsuoka? For more than 60 years, this Japanese coachbuilder has been transforming any models into quirky and whimsical cars! He does extensive cosmetic work on the front and back, to make them look like well-known luxury models. This is how his Buddy model is a Toyota RAV4 transformed into a Chevrolet! The Galue is a large Nissan sedan with the false air of Bentley! Its Viewt city car finally, was until now a Nissan Micra with false air of Jaguar.

Toyota Mark 2 

Until now, because Mitsuoka has just unveiled its fourth generation, which is now based on the Toyota Yaris... The little Japanese chip has changed a lot, dreaming of being a Jaguar Mark 2! Ironically, the Toyota Mark II really existed, it was a sedan reserved for Japan and sold from 1968 to 2004! The similarities on the front part are surprising, but we recognize the grille and circular headlamps of the English sedan of the 1960s. To make it visually go upmarket, Mitsuoka has trimmed it in chrome, on bumpers and doors! At the rear, its new optics would almost make it look like a Fiat 500! It is much more subtle on board, where we recognize the cabin of our dear Yaris. Mitsuoka, however, has added a leather finish, and several color liveries. Fanciful for us, Mitsuoka is a trendy brand in Japan, and its models are a guarantee of differentiation. The new Viewt will arrive on the Archipelago in the coming months, its prices have not yet been communicated.

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