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Facebook and Instagram with paid subscription profiles: are they really needed?

In the wake of Twitter, they are aiming for "certification" to prevent digital identity theft. Two experts, Vincenzo Cosenza and Ernesto Belisario, explain who they are for


After Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will also charge a monthly subscription to get the blue check that guarantees the identity of the accounts, distinguishing them from the fake ones. To talk about online identity theft, Rainews24 heard Vincenzo Cosenza, blogger and marketing consultant, and lawyer Ernesto Belisario, an expert in digital law.

For Cosenza, these new forms of social media subscription "are designed not for all users, but for professional creators who have a certain following and therefore need extra protections such as those provided by Meta Verified: an identity verification sticker, an active monitoring system that identifies any identity thieves and customer service".

The discussion, underlines Belisario, "was a useful opportunity to talk about such an important issue and spread awareness on the protection of our online identity".