If it does not top sales in our country, the Toyota RAV4 is the most stolen vehicle in 2022, according to the annual ranking published by Auto Plus in its latest issue of February. "Rarely has a model reached such a frequency of flight in our annual ranking," comments the specialized magazine. 240 thefts per 10,000 cars were recorded according to data from Argos, a professional insurance body. Toyota seems to attract thieves, because the SUV replaces the Prius: the sedan obtained the first place in the ranking in 2021, recalls Le Figaro.

In second place in the ranking, we still find a vehicle of the Japanese group, since it is a model of its luxury brand: the Lexus NX. If these two models are in the lead, it is because of the ease with which they can be stolen, believes Auto Plus. The criminals use a fake JBL speaker in which is concealed an electronic device capable of starting many cars. This device "would be able to open Toyota and Lexus in seconds," says the magazine.

Clio 4, the most stolen in absolute value

The podium is completed by the Audi A3. The German is positioned just in front of a new Lexus, the UX. The top 5 ends with a French car: the Renault M├ęgane 4. In sixth place, we find the Alfa Romeo Giulietta ahead of two Land Rover models (Range Rover 4 and Range Rover Sport 2). The Toyota C-HR and the Peugeot 3008 complete the Top 10. Regarding Peugeot's SUV, it was the second most stolen vehicle in 2022 in absolute terms, just after the Clio 4.

Vehicle theft is on the rise. This reaches 9% in 2022, compared to 2021. In total, 134,000 thefts were recorded last year, which represents 360 misdeeds observed daily.

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