The first impression is often decisive, and a Mini Cabriolet immediately wins. But sometimes it's worth taking a second look, and that's when the connoisseur discovers something pleasing that, as we would like to admit in all modesty, has often been sent to Munich as a wish in terms of technology and engine.

Holger Appel

Editor in business, responsible for "Technology and Motor".

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Mini combines convertible and electric drive. At first only in a miniseries based on the previous good-mood guarantor, but it can hopefully be taken as a foregone conclusion that the boss Stefanie Wurst will give free rein to her emotional side despite her pragmatic attitude.

2025 at the earliest

Mini will reposition its range visually and technically, in the direction of the IAA in September, the public will see some of it, initially three closed variants, with gasoline or electricity. It will probably not be new and open until 2025 at the earliest. Those who can't stand it until then swallow, take 60,000 euros in their hands and try to get hold of one of the 999 Cooper SE convertibles, which will be offered from April onwards. They are available in elegant Enigmatic Black or timeless White Silver. Inside, heated leather seats and an equally heated leather steering wheel await you, as well as a few trim elements that point to the special position. 17-inch alloy wheels create a connection to earth.

This Mini is quite well equipped from the start, which can be expected in view of the tariff bordering on outrageousness, and otherwise quite Mini E. The small battery is the same as in the closed version, it should be good according to the WLTP standard for 200 kilometers and makes in everyday life depending on weather conditions almost 150 kilometers range possible. Of course, less is easy to achieve, as long as the unleashing powers of the 184 hp electric machine are exhausted.

As is well known, a Mini basically drives curves angularly, the electric output can do everything that the British like to call go-kart feeling, at least as well. In a fine 7.3 seconds it sprints to 100 km/h, at a measly 150 km/h is the end. But actually, only the ride into the evening sun is the goal anyway.