To conduct this study, J.D. Power surveyed 30,062 Americans who bought a new car in 2020. The researchers listed the number of problems encountered in 3 years with the respondents' vehicles. First good news: with a lower average number of problems encountered than in 2022, cars seem a little more reliable.

Asian brands always on top

At the top of the reliability ranking, as often, we find the Asian brands: Lexus and Kia . Toyota, Hyundai, Mini, Nissan and Mazda are also at the top of the ranking. On the other hand, we find Jaguar, Mercedes, Tesla, Ford, Audi and Land Rover which closes the march. The figure that appears in the ranking represents the number of problems encountered per 1 vehicles. According to the study, the most problematic element is infotainment. Finally, it is interesting to note that the two most reliable cars are marketed here. These are the Toyota C-HR and the Lexus RX.

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