Accessible for a few months to the general public, the ChatGPT artificial intelligence has bluffed many users by the quality of its answers to the verses of questions posed to the algorithm. Among those seduced are Bill Gates. The billionaire entrepreneur spoke again about OpenAI's chatbot during an interview published on Tuesday by the German business media Handelsblatt and relayed by 01net.

An understanding that makes all the difference

Bill Gates first clarified how this artificial intelligence was revolutionary in his eyes. He pointed out that ChatGPT can decipher and make content, like other algorithms, but is also able to understand this material. The co-founder of Microsoft welcomed the possible concrete applications for these "new programs". They will "make many office jobs more efficient by helping to write invoices or emails," he said.

Bill Gates did not hesitate to assure that "it will change the world". In detail, he said that OpenAI's technology could have a "huge impact" in fields that rely heavily on reading and writing, such as education or medicine. Artificial intelligence is already being used to process large databases and improve diagnostic accuracy. Recently, ChatGPT even came close to passing an American medical exam.

Microsoft involved

Bill Gates, however, made a point of explaining to the German daily that he was not neutral about ChatGPT. Microsoft, of which he is still a board member, has invested $ 10 billion in OpenAI and recently integrated the chatbot into its Bing search engine. The 67-year-old billionaire also considered using the technology as part of his humanitarian foundation, particularly to provide medical assistance to "people in Africa who don't have access to a doctor."

The former CEO of Microsoft remains aware of the current limitations of ChatGPT, judging that tools of this type "require too many calculations" and "are not always accurate". He spoke of major progress to come in the next two years, which will make the programmes even more effective.


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