It will start on the 16th of this month in Dubai with the participation of 3,500 athletes

Approval of 25 individual and group games in the “Gulf Youth Games”

During the meeting of the organizing committee for the first Gulf Youth Games. From the source

The organizing committee for the first Gulf Youth Games, hosted by the UAE during the period from the 16th of this month to the 2nd of next May, with the participation of 3,500 male and female athletes from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, competing in 25 different individual and team sports, discussed preparations for the start of the event, and presented the locations of the various sports facilities. Which hosts the course.

This came during a meeting of the organizing committee headed by the Secretary-General of the National Olympic Committee, Vice-Chairman of the Supreme Committee for the session, and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Fares Al-Mutawa, and in the presence of the Secretary-General of the Football Association, Mohammed Hazzam Al-Dhaheri, and the heads of the basic and working committees of the session.

The committee approved the listed sports games, numbering 25, and the coordination teams for each emirate of the country hosting the competitions. The opening ceremony, which will be held at Dubai Opera, was also approved with a time program ranging between 30 and 40 minutes, and includes three main axes: cohesion, youth, and sustainability.

The meeting witnessed a review of the volunteer teams and committee work reports, and the developments of the opening ceremony of the session and the proposed programs for its sections, which will be predominantly technical in nature, and the use of the latest technological methods were reviewed.

Al-Mutawa said, “Young athletes, with their multiple energies and talents, are the future of the Gulf Olympic movement, and its main base upon which it relies in qualifying promising generations, who have the ambition and passion to achieve new gains and unprecedented successes for themselves and their countries.”

He continued: “The tournament carries within it many positive messages that guarantee a distinguished start in its first edition, with the wide participation of talented athletes in the Gulf Cooperation Council.”

“Athletics” is ready to achieve achievements

The Athletics Federation announced the readiness of its players to participate in the tournament’s competitions and achieve achievements. The President of the Federation, a member of the Board of Directors of the National Olympic Committee, Major General Dr. Muhammad Abdullah Al-Murr, confirmed that the team is ready with a group of distinguished players, who have been prepared in preparation and contact camps to represent the country in the forum. The important Gulf.

He explained that “the team will participate in the tournament in an effort to compete for medals and achieve achievements, in accordance with the strategy adopted by the federation in focusing on these disciplines in which medals can be won based on the digital readings of the players on the one hand and their competitors from the sisterly Gulf countries on the other hand.”

300 volunteers participate in organizing the course

President of the Emirates Badminton Federation and head of the tournament’s volunteer committee, Noura Al Jasmi, announced the registration of 300 male and female volunteers to participate in organizing the tournament.

She explained that volunteers were distributed to provide their assistance in all specializations during the period of the course, from reception at various state airports, ceremonies, coronation and organization ceremonies, in all hotels, and with official delegations and national teams.

She said: “Given the great demand for registration in the volunteer program through the official platform, we selected those with experience whom we have dealt with over the past 10 years in the sports sector, and distributed them according to their experience.”