Ajman faces Al-Nasr in the quarter-finals of the “Cup”

Al-Wasl's dream of the "League and Cup" double collides with Al-Jazeera

From a previous meeting between Al-Nasr and Ajman. From the source

Al-Wasl wants to take its strong performances that enabled it to sit at the top of the ADNOC Professional Football League standings to a higher level, when it faces, at 09:30 pm today, its rival, Al-Jazira, at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, in the quarter-finals of the President’s Cup competition. The state, while on the other hand, Al Jazira is planning to reconcile with its fans after a series of negative results, under the leadership of the new Romanian coach Mirel Radoi.

Al-Wasl hopes to succeed in overcoming the obstacle of its competitor in today’s match, especially since the dream of achieving the “League and Cup” double represents a legitimate goal for it, in light of the results-related performance it is presenting in the current season.

In turn, Al Jazira team realizes that qualifying at the expense of Al Wasl will be like returning from the big door, and correcting the humble image that the team has shown since the beginning of 2024.

In the second meeting, which will be held at the same time at Sharjah Stadium, Ajman and Al-Nasr share ambitions to save the season by going far in the President’s Cup, after leaving the competition for the league title and the Professional League Cup, at a time when the two teams are presenting advanced levels in the league competition. It may reflect on their performance in today's match.