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Al-Gharairi: It is preferable to practice football 3 hours after breakfast

The Director of the FIFA Medical Center in Dubai, Dr. Murad Al-Gharairi, confirmed that there are sports that are preferable to practice three hours after breakfast, preceded by football, which explains why local and Arab competition matches are held at a time no less than this time, in order to ensure the health of the players and ensure obtaining the maximum amount of time. Their energies physically, artistically and mentally.

In response to a question posed by the masses at the beginning of every Ramadan about the type of sports that fasting people can practice, Al-Gharairi told “Emirates Today”: “There are two types of sports that fasting people can practice: The first is the one that does not require a lot of energy from the human body, such as walking.” And yoga and jogging, which can be practiced an hour and a half before breakfast.” He added: “The second type is the one that requires more energy, such as football, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and cycling. These sports are best practiced three hours after breakfast.”

He explained: “There is a special note regarding cycling. As a precaution, the practitioner must have a large amount of water and sugar, because a drop in the levels of sugar in the riders’ blood has been recorded while practicing this game, and this matter could expose the person to risks. Therefore, as a precaution, it is It is necessary to carry water and sugars while practicing this sport.

Murad Al-Gharairi:  

. It is necessary to carry water and sugars while cycling.

. Football, bodybuilding, and cycling... sports that require a lot of energy.

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