Adidas bans the sale of the Germany national team jersey No. 44 because of Hitler

Adidas, a manufacturer of sports clothing and supplies, intends to make a radical amendment to the policy of selling the German national team shirt bearing the number 44, in response to criticism directed at the design that resembles a emblem of the Nazi Party.

Adidas spokesman Oliver Bruggen told the German news agency: “We will prevent the sale of this shirt in our online store.”

Social media users have recently noticed that the number 44, in the new design of the German national team shirt that was presented last month, resembles the logo of the SS forces of the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler.

Adidas was subjected to fierce criticism, but Bruggen explained: “The German Football Association and its partner Team Sports 11 are responsible for designing the names and numbers.”

For its part, the German Football Association said: “An alternative design for the number 4 will be issued in cooperation with the company “11 Team Sports,” adding that all numbers from 0 to 9 will be verified, before numbers 1 to 26 are handed over to the European Football Association for examination. ".

Brogen added: “Adidas employs people from 100 countries, and as a company we stand completely against any form of discrimination, hatred, anti-Semitism and violence.”